The limited collection of ceramics FRØPT x Nogalska

DESIGN: Ania Nogalska



must have 2022


The limited collection of wall ceramics is FRØPT’s project with the illustrator and designer Ania Nogalska. As a result, 30 uncommon objects were created, differing in shape, curves and tonality of the graphics. Three illustrations transferred to the form of 30 unique plates plot sensual stories with a reflector focused on the woman. The collection of plates consists of 3 objects, each produced in 10 copies. The leitmotif of ceramics is carnality and sensuality with a reflector focused on the woman. The whole consistently refers to past artists’ works.


The illustrations are made using the screen printing technique, which allows the control of the drawing and its concise form. The use of clay evokes the image of old raw Japanese, stained with argil and engobe dishes, but in this case with a contemporary approach to drawing. The graphics on the plates and the stories shown there are closed in their isolated space. Despite this, they maintain visual coherence, function separately and together.


Plates come in various shapes and curves, and they are deliberately allowed to shape naturally in the mold. The graphics on them are created; similarly, it always differs slightly in tonality, abrasions, and the dilution of water and pehatin stains.


„Ceramics are made in a small studio in Warsaw during double firing. Graphics and drawings are handapplied to wet clay. Each copy appears only once. It has its mark and collects the mood of its creator’s day. We decided to invite Ania to cooperate because we had been thinking about ceramics for a long time. This limited collection is an extension of our philosophy of curated kitchen and a kind of tribute to craftsmanship. In this case, the plate as an object has become a work of art. An uncommon item that allows you to create a unique space” – sums up Magda Milejska, co-founder of FRØPT.