„What Do Feelings Do?” book

DESIGN: Tina Oziewicz (autor), Aleksandra Zając (ilustracje)

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry


must have 2022


A witty and warm book about what’s going on in the world of feelings (and elsewhere).
Joy, pride, admiration, anger, fear… We all know these feelings – and many more. But do we know what do they do in their free time?


Who climbs as high as one can ever climb?
Who buries itself in the ground?
Who trudges across the desert?
Who floats in a soap bubble?
Who tramples everything that’s pretty?
Who picks up snails from the pavement?


Check it out – and find the answers within yourselves. Because this unusual book invites children and parents to discuss and think about what’s hidden in each of us.