Moisturising day & night face cream Your REMEDY; collection: Your CARE by Your KAYA

DESIGN: Zuzanna Warszczyńska, Paulina Walas, Aleksandra Piórkowska 



must have 2023


Your REMEDY boasts the best premium modern ingredients in their category available on the market – including a restoring Ceramide Complex CLR and moisturising Hydroviton® with NMF complex, which boost skin hydration by 17%. The formula also contains Niacinamide PC to alleviate greasiness and brighten discolouration without clogging the pores. ECOBIOTYS®, a patented vegan ingredient rich in peptides, reduces the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and first signs of aging. 96,4% of testers confirm that the cream makes their skin feel velvety. In three weeks, the formula reduces redness on couperose skin by 17% without sensitising it. An independent ophthalmologist body confirms that Your REMEDY is perfect for the eye area, including eyelids, and it is also safe to use during pregnancy, as assessed by an independent safety report. The refillable packaging helps reduce plastic waste and guarantees maximum hygiene.