DESIGN: Aleksandra Kujawska

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Aleksandra Kujawska


must have 2021


ZABAWKI [TOYS] is a series of hand-made sculptures. They are manufactured using metallurgy methods, of bulk-coloured glass, blown into a wooden mould, with trapped air bubbles. Instead of being paper weights they are weights for one’s thoughts.


The TOYS are intended to draw thoughts away from everyday life. Contemplation of the shape, colour and the play of light penetrating the glass. The air bubbles trapped inside the glass form a constellation. Blending with the light, they interact with the environment, displaying maps of the universe.


During the pandemic, I was tired of taking care of the essential issues to survive in isolation for months and so wanted to create abstract, non-obvious objects on the border of fables or Stanisław Lem’s literature. This is how the TOYS were developed, including: Comet, Planets, Sun, Moon, and Star.


Size ca. 30/36 cm.