Non-slip rubber yoga mat RAPA NUI 3mm

DESIGN: Dorota Golian/Asana Creatives



must have 2023


The mysterious, inscrutable Rapa Nui encourages us to reach deep within ourselves and explore the secrets contained within us. Discover the tribal wisdom of the ancestors that each of us carries within us while practicing on the Rapa Nui mat. 


The Rapa Nui yoga mat is made of environmentally friendly, biodegradable rubber, covered with a layer of microfiber. In addition, it has a natural, non-slip coating that improves grip during practice. It is especially suitable for those whose feet and hands heat up more slowly. 


The yoga mat is free of PVC, toxins, heavy metals, softeners and artificial colors. 


The patterns on the mat are obtained using natural water-based inks.