Open call for posters to TYPE TEXT LDZ

Open call of posters for the next edition of TYPE TEXT has started an international exhibition presenting a collection of typographic graphics works. Each edition is based on a different collection and is devoted to a different topic and place. So far, the exhibition has been presented in various arenas: Dubai, Paris, Warsaw, Krakow, and twice in Łódź.

Łódź became the main topic again. 100 selected works will create an exhibition accompanying ŁDF2024.

Łódź (wudʒ) – a city in central Poland and the country’ third lagerst city. Referred to as LDZ in urban slang. During the most intense period of the city’s development it was formed by four cultures: Polish, German (Lodz), Russian and Jewish (‏לאָדזש‎). For this reason Łódź is called a city of four coutures. Although today the ethnic diversity is much less, the spirit of the Four Cultures can still be felt in the atmosphere of Łódź. Łódź is associated with factories and textiles but typography is one of the city’s most important non material heritage.

Nadesłane prace oceni międzynarodowe jury w składzie:

  • prof. Arafat Al Naim – designer, Emirates Poster Festival / UAE
  • Mehdi Saeedi – designer, educator / Iran, USA
  • PhD Karolina Grudzińska – designer, educator / Poland
  • prof. Li Zhang – designer, educator / China, USA
  • prof. Hajime Tsushima – designer, Osaka Poster Festival / Japan
  • Katarzyna Ludwisiak – designer, Łódź Design Festival / Poland
  • prof. Byoung Il Sun – designer, BI International Poster Biennale in South Korea / South Korea
  • PhD Jakub Stępień (Hakobo) – designer, educator / Poland
  • Eduardo Davit – designer, Uruguay Poster Biennial / Urugway
  • prof. Agnieszka Ziemiszewska – designer, educator, curator of the Type Text project / Poland