Exhibition in days: 18-28.05.2023 r.


Place: Building B, Flat 1, Art_Inkubator, ks. bp. Wincentego Tymienieckiego 3 Str, Łódź


Curator: dr PhDr. Miroslav Zelinsky, CSc. 


Identity! A buzz word, a concept that might seem too wide and blur-edged to even grasp. But why does this ancient notion resonate so strongly in today’s society? How is it important, to whom, and what aspects are there to it? 


Students of design from five universities the world over have been challenged to approach the topic without bias and much prior prepping. The results of their work have proved to be astounding in their variety and freshness. From a fictional battle between identities of two merging software companies, or an intimate study of a mother-daughter relationship, to the exploration of an instinctive fear of a new identity emerging, that of artificial intelligence, to personal expressions of religious identity and subculture affiliation, to different takes on the visual identity of events and other entities. Some very concrete, some more conceptual, they all put up a multi-faceted mirror to a very important topic. 


List of objects presented on the exhinition e.g.: Markéta Babková Self awareness; Adrian Gubrica Face recognition; Viktoria Kolesárová In the eyes of AI; Šimon Valovič V60.