Mosaic, Plane, Space

Exhibition in days: 18-28.05.2023 r.


Adress: Academic Design Center, Księżny Młyn 13/15, Łódź


Curator: Karol Janiak


Numerous representatives of the Pracownia Projektowania Społecznego, within the framework of which, under the supervision of Dr. Anna Wrzesień, students designed a semantic mosaic. Dr. Przemyslaw Tomaszewski, Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts, set up an issue with the title “Reflections of sadness and hope”. The Applied Processes Modeling Studio of Dr. Rafal Dobruchowski, interpreted the term “mosaic” as a collection of small elements with a material form. Aleksandra Bonikowska, as part of the Vocational Drawing course, led students in a group work that resulted in a drawing medium of history. First-year students, together with Karol Janiak, gave a new style to vegetables and fruits as part of the Fundamentals of Design course.


As a result, the exhibition is an innovative collection of individual and group mosaic objects that are an entity unto themselves.