Orange LAB

DESIGN: Dominika Wysogląd



make me! 2015

Distinction from the Willson&Brown company in the form of enabling the implementation of the prototype of the project and a month-long practice in the company’s Design Department.


Orange LAB is a workshop project to process orange peels sourced from Warsaw cafes and restaurants. The project shows how, in accordance with the ideas of sustainable development, bio-waste can be used to create a full-fledged material. Based on essential oil and dried orange peel, natural cosmetics such as a sparkling ball, body scrub or soap are created, in four fragrance lines: Himalayan pini, herbal exotic, palm orange, winter down. This is an experimental project, for which the starting point was the process of going through all stages of production – from obtaining waste from the restaurant, cleaning it, preparing it for processing, pressing the oil, and creating the cosmetics themselves. The simple and energy-efficient process allows the products to be made by hand. Orange LAB is intended to be a place where natural cosmetics can be purchased, and the recipient, seeing the process of product creation, becomes an informed consumer.

Orange LAB, design: Dominika Wysogląd / from designer’s archive

Orange LAB, design: Dominika Wysogląd / from designer’s archive

Orange LAB, projekt: Dominika Wysogląd / fot. z archiwum projektantki

Orange LAB, design: Dominika Wysogląd / from designer’s archive

Dominika Wysogląd

She is a graduate of the Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and Warsaw, and a scholarship holder of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Honored and awarded, among others: in competitions: “processor of the year”, “Young at the start”, “make me! 2014”. She is co-founder of the design studio Marmolada Design.