DESIGN: Callum Ferguson

Great Britain


make me! 2021


Plastic pollution is a universal problem, particularly in the Global South. Communities have become landfill sites where both people and the environment suffer. Plastibank is the stepping stone for generational change.


This project aims to tackle more than just plastic pollution. It aims to change our relationship of wealth, waste, our environment and the economy in order to create a sustainable and inclusive future.

Plastibank, design: Callum Ferguson / from designer’s archive

Callum Ferguson

Designer based in Scotland, interested in tackling the complex problems we are facing in today’s world. These interests include: reducing plastic pollution, creating participatory democracies and establishing connections between person and place. His unconventional solutions not only look to solve the original problem, but also provide the opportunity to generate discussion on the subject and create new perspectives. Currently, he is researching and developing ways in which intangible mediums such as light and sound can become tangible experiences.