W Tables

DESIGN: Nela Maniewska



make me! 2018


The project was created for the Fundacja Zmiana, which runs the Neighborhood Library, where you can meet friends, exchange books or talk. Tables that owe their name to the characteristic W-shaped structure are lightweight, easy to transport and assemble. They can be carried by a single person, and after disassembling they fit into the trunk of a small car, making their transport easy and cheap. This was one of the main design assumptions, because the tables are used during workshops, picnics, meetings, especially outside the Foundation’s premises, and they have already visited many cultural centers, Otwarta Ząbkowska Festival and the POLIN Museum. A part of the diploma project was also a series of meetings called “Literacka Kuchnia Polowa” (Literary Field Kitchen) during which the participants read books, and later cooked and ate meals drawn from the lectures. During the premiere meeting, we prepared a potato soup inspired by the fragment of “Death of Beautiful Deer” by Ota Pavel.

W Tables, design: Nela Maniewska / from designer’s archive

W Tables, design: Nela Maniewska / from designer’s archive

W Tables, design: Nela Maniewska / from designer’s archive

Nela Maniewska

Born in 1992. I come from Warsaw, where in 2015 I defended my BA at the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts, and in 2017 – my Master’s with the project of portable W tables and the accompanying “Literacka Kuchnia Polowa” (Literary Field Kitchen). Both projects were presented at the Graduation Projects exhibition in Cieszyn. For several years I dealt with the design of museum space, currently I work on graphic projects in a bank. I try, however, not to give up the product design area, in which the most inspiring thing for me is the contact with the material, especially when creating ceramics and children’s toys.