Balt stool

DESIGN: Wojciech Mierzwa 

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Metafor Wojciech Mierzwa


must have 2023


The Balt stool is a new generation product made in 3D printing technology – LSAM (Large Scale Additive Manufacturing). Made entirely of biocomposite based on cellulose and PLA. Its organic form and rhythmically arranged grooves draw attention to the production process. The profile of the seat and the shape of the lower part ensure high comfort of use. 


The modern UPM Formi material from which it is made guarantees full functionality both indoors and outdoors. The material is highly efficient and has a lower carbon footprint than fossil-based materials. The biocomposite combines the formability of plastics and the strength of wood. It is a mono-material product that is 100% recyclable. The UPM Formi from which it was made is PEFC™ certified.