Climates from the BEGINNING series

DESIGN: Edgar Bąk



must have 2023


Beginnings is a series of four designs: 


CHAOS. In the imagination of the ancient Greeks, “chaos” was the initial state of the world, a bottomless, directionless abyss, a state of affairs.


COSMOS. From Chaos came Cosmos. Cosmos consists mainly of dark matter and dark energy. Cosmos is a reconfiguration of chaos. 


EROS. Born along with Chaos, and being an oppositional force to it, is Eros. Eros is both a deity who, according to some, has two arrows, a sweet and bitter one, but it’s also perceived as pure energy, passion, a desire that was necessary for the World to emerge. 


URANOS. One of the “Protogenoi” or primordial gods. Uranos is the window open to the void, the firmament of the sky, sometimes tranquil and other times nebulous.