OXY breathable pots

DESIGN: Kabo & Pydo design studio



must have 2020


OXY is a new category of pots that allow air to pass through and take care of the needs of plants. They are the result of the analysis of nursery knowledge and research in plant nurseries. It is available in 1.5L and 10L variants allowing for arrangements on various scales. The ribbed form is very stiff, despite its light appearance, it can accommodate even large and heavy plants. It is made of durable polypropylene without additives, which makes it easy to recycle.


Unlike a standard plastic pot, they allow the roots to breathe freely, and excess water does not cause them to get wet. The combination of a rigid external structure and a breathable felt insert is a unique solution. There is a water tank at the bottom of the cover. The felt insert distributes it according to the plant’s needs. The product is aimed at people who appreciate beautiful interiors and plants. The selected colors are the result of an analysis of current trends and will fit into modern interiors