Projekt modular collection

PROJECT: Concept & creative direction: Bartek Bojarczuk Fashion designer: Paulina Połoz Fashion designer: Julia Gmerek

PRODUCENT: Pan tu nie stał


must have 2019


The modular series shows the modern side of the Pan tu nie stal PROJECT. The futuristic form maintained in black clothing, a minimalist straight cut emphasizing the functionality and modular design are the characteristic features of the collection. The snap-strap system used in the series has been adapted to undo each of the modules and transform the construction of the products, e.g. a women’s coat can be transformed into a short jacket, backpack / bag or a sachet on a belt. A bag and a modular bum bag and a backpack with a modular pocket, made in cooperation with the Polish brand Pak-in from the original CORDURA material, characterized by high tensile strength and very good fray resistance, have similar properties.