Oblivion Lamp

DESIGN: Jakub Szkaradek



must have 2023


The Oblivion lamp is the latest model of the Lexaval brand, designed by Jakub Szkaradek. 


It’s a detail that illuminates a large space. The lamp is small in size but it is the brightest detail in the house, which is intended to be delicate and unobtrusive like fine jewelry. This model is the most technologically advanced design and at the same time the smallest lamp available on the market with such a high power. 


The devil is in the details. The frame of the basic model of the lamp is a rectangular block cut out of aviation aluminum. The custom LED module has a high CRI (this means that it reflects the effect of sunlight in 98%), and the light source is devoid of the flickering effect most often noticeable when taking photos. The power supply routed through the mounting cables and the magnetically pulled masking cover mean that no mounting elements are visible after installation.