Imagined Places

Exhibition in days: 18-28.05.2023 r.


Adress: Building C, Level 1, Art_Inkubator, ks. bp. Wincentego Tymienieckiego 3 Str, Łódź


Curator: Rafał Szrajber


The exhibition aims to show the perception of the artistic potential and unique character of interactive stories such as video games through the prism of a digital traveler discovering virtual worlds and documenting events and places accompanying the journey. Discovering the ideas, concepts, motivations, cultural context, and all those factors that allowed us to create an unreal place that comes to life thanks to the players and the stories they shape. The exhibition is part of the „PHOTOmodeBOOK”, project, which is a documentation of participation in an imagined place thanks to the phenomenon of in-game photography. The project is therefore also a tribute and thanks to all developers who have made their game worlds available to players, not only to experience adventures in them, but to create their own creativity, sensitivity and curiosity. The video game becomes a work of extraordinary recursive creative character, being both a work and a material for new works. 


The patron of the exhibition is the Politechnika Łódzka, Faculty of FTIMS. Partners are the Wladyslaw Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Indie Games Poland Foundation, PEGI, SPIDOR and Digital Dragons and PIXEL Heaven.