URBAN LEGENDS – THE DICTIONARY OF “LODZIANISMS”. Interpreted by Polish illustrators


Date: 12/05/202327/08/2023 *
* Exhibition open during opening hours of Gallery. On mondays Gallery is closed.

Address: Re:Medium Gallery View on map


Curatorial tour: 12.05.2023 r., 6:00 p.m.


Curators: Adriana Usarek, Michał Piernikowski


An artistic and educational project with which we would like to draw attention to the unique character of our city – Lodz. In the exhibition venue of Re:Medium Gallery, we want to show a dozen or so works referring to the legends associated with the city of textile workers. The “Dictionary of Urban Legends,” written by means of images, shows that it takes more than just buildings and streets to make a city – what we need is a community, built also through stories, experienced and felt together. The exhibition, in a pleasant but effective way, teaching and entertaining at the same time, conveys knowledge about the history, architecture and culture of the city and its inhabitants. We hope that in the year of the 600th anniversary of the foundation of our city, the project will become a pretext for talking about the oldest history of Lodz and an opportunity that will foster circumstances for learning about its identity. 


Artists: Katarzyna Bogucka, Bovska (Magda Wacławek-Grabowska), Sonia Dubois, Teodor Durski, Endo (Agata Nowicka), Patryk Hardziej, Izabela Kaczmarek-Szurek, Renata Krawczyk, Nikola Kucharska, Anna Rudak and Dawid Ryski.

Reader: Piotr Rogucki 

Texts: Adriana Usarek 


Organisers: Łódź Design Festival, The City Art Gallery in Lodz