Project – Magazine – Powidoki / Afterimages

Exhibition in days: 20.05-12.07.2023 r.


Curatorial tour20.05.2023 r., 6:00 p.m.


Adress: Academic Design Center, Księżny Młyn 13/15, Łódź


Curator: Bogusław Deptuła


Exhibition design: Przemysław Hajek


The exhibition of graphic designs for the artistic and scientific magazine “Powidoki” is a summary of several years of artistic and design adventure of the author of the graphic concept of the magazine, designer, academic teacher at the Institute of Graphic Design – Przemysław Hajek, DA. Since 2019 seven issues of the magazine have been published by the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. The magazine’s graphic design has won several awards, including an honourable mention at the Polish Graphic Design Awards (PL), Silver A’Design Award (Italy), and was among the best typographic projects in the 13th international Communication Arts review (USA). This exhibition is both a journey in time and a presentation of the author’s body of work. It also poses the question of relevance of publishing in print the written word and image in an era of crisis, rising costs of materials and the ubiquitous digitalization of materials. There will be an opportunity to meet the author and listen to a lecture. 



The exhibition was included in the Łódź Design Festival 2023 program as part of the open programme call.

Przemysław Hajek, DA

Graphic designer, art director of the “Powidoki” publishing house, academic teacher, employed as an assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Faculty of Design at the Institute of Graphic Design, where he leads the I° Graphic Identification Design Studio (P.I.G.).

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