Łódź Design Festival (LDF) is an idea, people, action. The festival was created in 2007, adopting at its beginning a formula for reviewing the achievements of Polish design. Thanks to the dialogue with recipients from the very beginning, the festival program was enriched with new elements until it reached the current shape, which includes:

main program - the heart of the festival being a collection of curatorial exhibitions created in relation to the annual guiding code, presents different perspectives on design

make me! - a competition giving novice designers the opportunity to present their work. The post-competition exhibition organized as part of the festival is a peculiar picture of the search for identity by young artists. 

edukreacja - a zone dedicated to families with children. It is a place for creative play and learning regardless of age, status or knowledge

must have - a plebiscite and exhibition focusing on the selection and dissemination of the best Polish implementations

open program - this is a chance to become part of the Lodz Design Festival. Recruitment is addressed to everyone, and above all to institutions, curators, artists and designers who would like to show the effects of their work to the festival audience.

Łódź Design Festival is - according to analyzes (research: "Diagnosis of design status" carried out on behalf of PARP in 2015 and "Designed in Poland, Analysis of the economic potential of the Polish design market" implemented by the Office of Social Research Question Mark in 2017) prestigious and most visited event related to design in Poland. It is the most opinion-forming event dedicated to design in Central and Eastern Europe.

Łódź Design Festival was created in 2007 as a review of the achievements of Polish design. From the beginning, it presents design in various aspects - from industrial design, through graphic design, architecture, craft, to the creation of services and interaction. Today, it focuses on asking questions, interpreting phenomena and critical discussion. It presents innovations and projects that have a big impact on our surroundings. Łódź Design Festival is an event where designers, architects, representatives of creative professions can look for inspiration, as well as anyone interested in culture and design. The program's strongest points are always thematic exhibitions, meetings with experts in the field of design and architecture, discussions and lectures, as well as workshops for adults and children. Over 590,000 people from around the world have participated in it so far (dates from 2007-2021). The festival is carried out thanks to many years of support from the City of Lodz Office, the Lodz Center of Events and the patron of the Festival - Ceramika Paradyż. Admission to the Festival for children under 12 and seniors is free (