In 2021, the lockdown period ended only in the first half of May, so the spring edition of ŁDF was still held in a pandemic, hybrid version, in which presentations were prepared in glazed exhibition pavilions, and events were organized online. In September, an additional, special edition of the festival was organized, which returned to the well-known spaces of the Festival Center in Art_Inkubator at 3 Tymienieckiego Str.

The author of the visual identification of the 16th ŁDF: Katarzyna Ludwisiak.



The Festival exhibitions included e.g.:

  • Post-competition exhibition make me! at OFF Piotrkowska

  • Exhibition of must have finalists at the Manufaktura market in Łódź

  • “Dictionary of Łódź/human-culture”, curators: Adriana Michalska, Michał Piernikowski

  • “Polish house. The ABCs of Design”, curator: Małgorzata Czyńska

  • “Laboratory of Modernity”, curator: Joanna Jurga

TRN Mrs Jurek / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

TRN Mrs Jurek / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

Polish house. The ABCs of Design / ph. Oświecony

Visual identification of Łódź industry during communist era / ph. from ŁDF’s archive

Visual identification of Łódź industry during communist era / ph. from ŁDF’s archive

Dictionary of Łódź/human-culture / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

Dictionary of łodzianizmy / ph. Oświecony

Porta x ŁDF / ph. Oświecony

_make me! 


To the 14th edition of make me! in 2022, out of 128 submitted applications, the jury composed of: Maja Ganszyniec, Boaz Katz, Joanna Jo Jurga, Maurizio Burrato, Jerzy Porębski and Michał Piernikowski, qualified 26 projects. The finalists competed for a total prize pool of PLN 70.000, including PLN 60.000 thanks to the support of Ceramika Paradyż and PLN 10.000 from the ŁDF sponsor, Interprint. The post-competition exhibition was presented at OFF Piotrkowska in glazed exhibition pavilions.


The winners were:

  • make me! Paradyż Award in amount of PLN 30.000: Show where your nose, ear, vulva  – Daria Wypiór (Poland) 

  • make me! Paradyż Award in amount of PLN 20.000: Opniaki – portable forest playground – Natalia Gajo, Zuzanna Walkiewicz (Poland) 

  • make me! Paradyż Award in amount of PLN 10.000: Obvara – ceramic urns – Marlena Norowska (Poland) 

  • make me! Interprint Award in amount of PLN 10.000: Malu – children’s ECG Holter – Zofia Hernas (Poland) 

_must have 


As many as 341 products were submitted for the 11th edition of the plebiscite in 2022, and 75 of them were awarded the must have quality mark by the Board of Experts. Among the awarded products, furniture collections definitely dominated, but there were also, for example, clothes from an advertising banner from a dumpster or a device for cleaning and sterilizing reusable menstrual cups. The exhibition presenting the finalists of the plebiscite was held in glazed exhibition pavilions on the market of the Manufaktura Shopping Center in Łódź.

_events and guests


During 15th ŁDF took place e.g.:

  • action #LEPIEJzesmakiem in Manufaktura and OFF Piotrkowska

  • presentations and discussion panel „Archiblok”, host: Filip Springer, guests: Anna Cymer, Tomasz Konior, Martyna Obarska, Igor Łysiuk, Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski 

Archiblok / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

Archiblok / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

must have TALKS / ph. Oświecony

SYSTEM Mazda / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

Young Design / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

Interprint / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska



The organization of the 15th Łodź Design Festival was possible thanks to the support of Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń and City of Łódź. ŁDF was co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Found. The media patronage over the event was taken by: Architektura-murator, M jak Mieszkanie, Dobre Wnętrze,, Czas na Wnętrze, BIZNES, MAGAZIF, Homebook, WhiteMAD, Contemporary Lynx, Label, Radio Eska, Going. Among the sponsors were Interprint and Porta Drzwi,and the partner were: Ceramika Paradyż, Mazda, Manufaktura, OFF Piotrkowska, OPG Property Professionals, University of Lodz, Fabryka Sztuki, ES SYSTEM K, Porcelana Krzysztof, Miejska Galeria Sztuki in Lodz, A DWA, Centrum Dialogu.