Exhibition in days: 28.04–23.05.2023 r.


Adress: Academic Design Center, Księżny Młyn 13/15, Łódź


Curator: Magdalena Komborska 


The relationship between organisms and their habitats is an area of interest for creators. They draw the impulse from their own and other organisms’ emotions. As a result of the synergy of emotions, a perspective of natural space is created. Ecology is based on a system of exchange between the habitat and the creators. This relationship occurs precisely between the individual and the social and natural environment. The human being co-determines an incredible emotional relationship, arising in a certain intertwining of the existence of the human organism and its environment. In this way, a multi-organism is created. Its functions, manners of behaviour, cultural conditions arise directly from nature, from respect for the surrounding world.


A new way of exchange between the humans and the environment is proposed by creators on the track of emotions.  Hence, we are not humans per se, but through our existence (through the process of living) in an external environment, organised by emotions.



The exhibition was included in the Łódź Design Festival 2023 program as part of the open programme call.

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