Human Plus

Exhibition in days: 18-28.05.2023 r.


Adress: Building C, Level 2, Art_Inkubator, ks. bp. Wincentego Tymienieckiego 3 Str, Łódź


Curator: Łódź Design Festival, LLM


The installation includes “The Third Thumb” Project. “The Third Thumb” is a fully functional, hand-worn extra thumb, 3D printed with flexible materials.  


This portable thumb “augmentation” is wirelessly connected to a controller that transfers the movement of pressing the toes into operating the extra thumb. It is controlled by natural movements, which allows for smooth and intuitive manipulation of objects and performing tasks, increasing the functionality of our natural manual skills. 


The unusual combination of design, engineering and psychology makes “The Third Thumb” not only an experiment related to the augmentation of the human body, but also an inspiring reflection on the limits of the human mind and perception. This project directs our attention to a future in which the harmonious combination of humans and technology will allow for new forms of expression and perhaps even change the way we think about ourselves and our capabilities. 


The project is still being developed. Researchers at the Plasticity Lab are looking for answers to the long-term effects that augmentation technology like the Third Thumb could have on our brains. 


Designer of “The Third Tumb” Dani Clode. Head Designer, Dani Clode Design & Senior Technical Specialist at the Plasticity Lab, Cambridge University. In her projects, she investigates the future architecture and perception of our bodies. Through the multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to design, incorporation of new materials and design processes, Dani challenges the perception and boundaries of prosthetic design, augmentation and extending the human form.