Exhibition in days: 18-28.05.2023 r.


Adress: Building C, Level 2, Art_Inkubator, ks. bp. Wincentego Tymienieckiego 3 Str, Łódź


Curator: Joanna Jurga


Humans have been migrating since the beginning of time, searching for food, shelter, or suitable living conditions. Migration is written in our DNA. In times of climate crisis and armed conflicts, it gains a new meaning. The World Bank Group estimates that by 2050, 216 million people will leave their homes. That’s as if the whole current population of Brazil decided to simultaneously change their place of life. But today, having experienced a more local scale of migration, we can only imagine the future ways of living and perceiving the world. 


The path leading to safety goes across seas, forests and deserts, all full of dangers. During the MI/GRACJE exhibition, we have decided to take a closer look at four areas tied to this search for a better, safer place. #survival, #children, #newhome, and #food are subjects which the students from School of Form explored during their product design classes, and the results of their work will be presented in the exhibition.


Works presented at the exhibition: 

  • BORDER Julia Bujak,

  • HEXASAFE Anna Fortecka,

  • CARGO Zofia Kush,

  • DYCHATY Oleksandra Milishchuk,

  • THIRD HAND Maciej Pacan,

  • KANGAROO Anna Olborska,

  • SUPERHERO Julia Kellner,

  • CALMING AIDS Pola Kołodziej,

  • REMEMBER ME Julia Drumlak,

  • CLOSENESS Natalia Drzewiecka,

  • BASOW Jakub Bruss,

  • SOLAR KITCHEN SET Mikołaj Markowski,

  • SPIRULIFE Zuzanna Hofman,

  • PLAY MY LIFE! Przemysław Sokół,

  • CARDBOARD GLOW Mikołaj Bańka.


Exhibition design: dr Joanna Jurga 

Assistant: Przemysław Sokół 

Graphic design: Piotr Pędzich