Laboratory of Senses – experience more

DESIGN: Magdalena Cieślak



make me! 2019


Laboratory of the senses is a range of vessels help capture smells connected with the sense of sight, to close and direct our eyes at movements and ears at sounds which we can observe in the process of meal preparation. The inspiration was a tea-making ceremony, bringing together all the senses involved in that process. The main element of my research was to eliminate the fire and to extend the process of creating a meal so that the user could take part in it, but only from the perspective of an observer – the senses are then stimulated and the wait for the consumption ends in greater pleasure. In the spirit of Fine Dining, the experience was reinforced by designing a new set of experimental vessels. The granite base maintains the temperature after heating – this allows different processes to be take place in front of the user. The three places symbolise the 3 different processes selected for the presentation – frying, smoking and melting. Each of them involves the use a different glass dome, which covers the dishes.

Laboratory of Senses – experience more, design: Magdalena Cieślak / from designer’s archive

Laboratory of Senses – experience more, design: Magdalena Cieślak / from designer’s archive

Magdalena Cieślak

Graduate of the University of Arts in Poznań, majoring in Design. During her studies Magdalena drew inspiration from Asia twice – the first time at a monthly workshop at Shanghai Normal University in China, and the second time during a semester spent at the Collage of Design at Shih Chien University in Taiwan. Working with other people in international teams during workshops allows one to look at project issues multiculturally and to look for solutions together, it is people that allow you to discover new places and experience more along the way. I am currently working with paper as a packaging designer, looking for new structures and experiences related to unboxing.