3mk InvisibleCase 3D

PROJECT: Marcin Gawłowski

PRODUCENT: 3mk screen protectors


must have 2017


Invisible Case 3D- full protection without disrupting the beautiful design. InvisibleCase 3D fully protects your telephone. With the application of the Full-Form™ method it protects its housing from all sides. Thanks to material memory and improved flexibility. InvisibleCase 3D perfectly adheres to rounded edges of your phone display and housing. Minor damage and cracks? It is no longer a problem. InvisibleCase 3D regenerates its Surface by Self-Heal™ coating (for FlexibleGlass 3D: it’s available for the back). It is completely neutral, so it provides full permeability. In opposition to traditional phone cases, the InvisibleCase 3D does not influence both Wi-Fi and cell phone reception. Air-Dots™ is the first used technology providing full air permeability of a phone case. Owing to better air circulation and higher heat conveying ratio, InvisibleCase 3D protector allows to use a device without risk of overheating, which commonly appears with traditional phone cases.