„Inspired by Nature”. Collection of ceramic candles; multifunctional decorative boxes.

DESIGN: Stefan Staniszewski



must have 2022


Rest, meditation, meeting with yourself, in silence, in the company of a burning porcelain candle, on soy wax, with the sound of sizzling beech wick and the smell that evokes the most beautiful moments. A priceless time, especially in today’s world, is often overloaded with stimuli. Slow down, rest, just keep going.


A collection of candles made of ceramics, fine Parian porcelain and natural stoneware. Inspired by travel, nature and the art of Japanese craftsmanship, Kyuka Design has designed a collection of dishes that will first serve as candles and then become a beautiful storage container. Decorative dishes are distinguished by the sculptural form of the handles and a functional element.


Kyuka Design projects are original from the very first sketch. Manufacturers make them themselves in an independent studio in Milanówek near Warsaw, using the highest quality: Parian porcelain and fully natural ingredients (eco soy wax, natural oils, wooden wicks).