PROJECT: Kosmos Project 



must have 2019


The projects refers to continuous cataloging of our data by enterprises from the internet industry. There are many controversies related to this activity. Where are the limits of human privacy, or is continuous invigilation not a dangerous phenomenon? On one hand, we are afraid of losing our privacy, on the other we are enjoying the benefits of technological facilities. We like when smartphones help us to reach the destination easily, show the nearest restaurants, the doubts come when the ads we see on our screen are visible compilation of our searches from the last days or the themes of last mails. Then we start to feel insecure. Since the first industrial revolution it was feared that the automation of the production process, the departure from crafts will lead to dehumanization of the product. The solution to this problem can be digitization that allows you to personalize the product. The FI_4 object is a carpet designed by the algorithm. The user uses the application where he answers a few simple questions and the algorithm based on these meta data creates a unique carpet pattern especially for him. The method is similar to the way the internet data cataloging works, but we use it to create unique carpet. Every piece is unrepeatable, but produced in mass technology.