DESIGN: Grynasz Studio



must have 2022


Harmony, relaxation, being in „here and now”, comfort –  when looking for the perfect form for the ZEN collection, designers from Grynasz Studio were inspired by the Japanese philosophy of working on an object, where shape is closely related to its function. A minimalistic and harmonious body is enriched by a linear drawing of metal details. Each element corresponds with each other and creates a story about the object and its user. The ZEN collection allows for an unlimited number of configurations. From an armchair and a small sofa, it can be expanded into a multi-functional piece of furniture, completed with a recliner and metal tables and organizers. This collection can dynamically change, matching the user’s needs. With its lift-up headrests, it can be a comfortable base for movie marathons, a home-office work zone with a practical table and organizer, or be a favorite piece of furniture for relaxation and rest time.