Open call for the PALIMPSEST project


Are you an artist, designer, architect and interested in sustainable landscape development? Do you want to share knowledge, take action and become a force of transformation in your chosen ecosystem? Become a creative change agent and submit your application to the open call for “Creative Dialogues” in the PALIMPSEST project until September 18, 2023. Participants can be both individuals and project teams.


PALIMPSEST is a research project funded by Horizon Europe under the New European Bauhaus program. It is implemented by an international consortium that includes entities from Italy, Spain and Poland, such as Politecnico di Milano and the Łódź Art Center foundation, the organizer of the Łódź Design Festival. Drawing on an ancient meaning (Gr. Παλίμψηστος means ‘again’ and ‘to scrape’) and taking the perspective of the three pilot locations where activities will be implemented, the project’s main role is to reshape urban landscapes by co-creating sustainable solutions that combine activity, heritage and local practices with art, design and architecture.


The open call for “Creative Dialogues” seeks creative agents – artists, designers, architects from across Europe – to take on the challenge of experimenting with new ways of responding to environmental problems in three selected landscapes: in Łódź (Poland), Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) and Milan (Italy).


Participants selected for the project will receive a grant of €10,000 to develop their ideas into prototypes. Realizations in each of the selected landscapes will be financed from additional project budgets.


You can read more about the terms and conditions of the Creative Dialogues call at:


Below is the application form:


Open call schedule:

  • Accepting applications: until 18.09.2023, 12:00 (CEST)

  • Selection of individuals/teams for the pilot program: until 13.10.2023 (maximum of 4 finalists per city – Lodz, Milan, Jerez de la Frontera, total of 12 individuals/teams)

  • Creative dialogues: 2 sessions between the end of October and December 2023 (online)

  • Final selection of participants: 15.01.2024

  • Welcome event: February 2024 (online)

  • Residency workshop 1st cycle: spring/summer 2024

  • Residency workshop 2nd cycle: spring/summer 2025


Recruitment, as well as the entire project, is implemented in English.