This is the first May edition of the Festival after moving it from October. The change, which the organizers had been thinking about for several years, resulted primarily from the prevailing autumn weather, which made it impossible to carry out activities in urban spaces. The final decision was also supported by ŁDF partners, who considered the change not only a step in a very good direction, but also new development opportunities. The topics discussed during the 12th ŁDF revolved around the man-creator – we celebrated the joy of the work of human hands and the sense of uniqueness of having objects that are the fruit of creative work. Festival reflections also concerned the perception of the designed objects not only as works of art, but also as props of our everyday life.



The Festival exhibitions included e.g.:

  • “Nothing But Flowers” – main ŁDF exhibition, curator: Agata Połeć 

  • “Co-Creativity with Machines”, curators: Agata Jaworska, Aisling Murray, William Myers 

  • “The Glass room experience”, organizer: Tactical Tech 

  • “Circle / Dot / Dash”, curator: Magdalena Gazur 

  • “Fragile durability. Majolica from Manufaktura in Nieborów” 

  • “Plantation” – installation, curator: Alicja Patanowska 

  • “Paper jungle”, curator: Ola Mirecka 

  • Edukreacja: “Hugh Poland”, curator: Mamy Projekt 

Plantation / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

BiznesUp! design made in Poland / ph. Urszula Czapla

ŁDF’s exhibition / ph. Olga Samosionek

Hugh Poland / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

ŁDF’s exhibition / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

11. Ceramik Paradyż exhibition / ph. Aleksandra Pawłowska

_make me! 


To the 11th edition of make me! in 2018, 212 applications were submitted, from which the jury composed of: Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Czesława Frejlich, Daniel Zieliński, Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Paweł Pomorski (Malafor), Paweł Grobelny and Michał Piernikowski selected 29 finalists who competed for the total pool prizes in the amount of PLN 65.000 from the Patron of the Festival Ceramika Paradyż, sponsor of Interprint and Łódź Design Festival. The post-competition exhibition was presented at the Festival Center in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź.


The winner were:

  • make me! Paradyż Award  in amount of PLN 50.000: Simpla – personalized, external breast prostheses generated using scanning technology and spatial printing – Małgorzata Załuska (Poland)

  • nagroda specjalna make me! ŁDF special award in amount of PLN 10 .000 zł: Petit Pli – Clothes That Grow – Ryan Yasin (Great Britain)

  • make me! Interprint special award in amount of PLN 5. 000 zł: Scoby – living packages – Róża Rutkowska / Roza Janusz (Poland)

_must have 


400 products were submitted to the 8th edition of the plebiscite in 2018. The Board of Experts composed of: Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Agnieszka Gruszczyńska-Hyc, Ewa Mierzejewska, Ewa Solarz, Anna Grużewska, Dominika Olszyna, Michał Mazur and Michał Piernikowski awarded the must have quality mark to 70 products, including a series of posters, bedding, jewelery and glassware. The exhibition presenting the winners was held at the Festival Center in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź.

_events and quests


During 13th ŁDF took place e.g.:

  • power speech “Form Follows Function and then what?”, speaker: Jaime Hayón (Hayón Studio)

  • debate “Social and emotional life in architecture”, moderator: Małgorzata Tomczak (Architektura&Biznes), guests: Jan Strumiłło, Agata Woźniczka (BudCud), Mateusz Kuo Stolarski (Tamizo Architects), Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska (Kuoo Architects)

  • debata „Życie towarzyskie i uczuciowe w architekturze”, moderator: Małgorzata Tomczak (Architektura&Biznes), goście: Jan Strumiłło, Agata Woźniczka (BudCud), Mateusz Kuo Stolarski (Tamizo Architects), KatarzynaKuo Stolarska (Kuoo Architects) 

  • “BiznesUp! design made in Poland” – exhibition & 2-day industry event (a block of meetings, workshops, lectures and debates)

  • presentations and discussion”Archiblok”, hosted: Filip Springer, guests: Ewa Kuryłowicz (Authorska Pracownia Architektury Kuryłowicz & Associates), Maciej Frąckowiak (sociologist, city researcher), Jakub Szczęsny (PracowniaSzcz), Przemo Łukasik (medusagroup), Paweł Garus (mode:rope), Jerzy Woźniak (mode:rope), Rafał Grzelewski (Grupa 5 Architekci)

  • interview-meeting “How to design infinity?”, moderator: Michał Mazur (, guests: Karolina Wesołowska (Ceramika Paradyż), Janusz Kapusta (artist)

ŁDF’s Exhibition / ph.Oświecony

ŁDF’s Exhibition / fot. Aleksandra Pawłowska

Workshops „DIY DIGITAL CLOCK” / ph. Oświecony

Porta by me / ph. Oświecony

Nothing But Flowers / ph. Oświecony

The Glass Room / ph. from ŁDF’s archive



The organization of the 12th Łodź Design Festival was possible thanks to the support of Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń and City of Łódź. ŁDF was co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The patron of the Festival was Ceramika Paradyż, and sponsor Interprint. Partners of ŁDF were: Fabryka Sztuki, Mazda, Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź, Empik, Echo Investment, Grand Hotel, Porcelana Kristoff, Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Bombilla, Tarkett, Kapilar, Moleskine, OFF Piotrkowska, OPG Property Professionals. The media patronage over the event was taken by: Trójka Polskie Radio, AMS, Architektura-murator, Arch, Architektura&Biznes, Label, F5, Vogue, Polityka, Elle Decoration, Dobre Wnętrze, M jak Mieszkanie, Czas na Wnętrze, Cztery Kąty, Design Alive,,,, BIZNES,, Telewizja Domo+, PLN Design, Radio Łódź, TVP Łódź, Radio Żak. Among the ambassadors 12. ŁDF were:: Fathers, Poliszdesign, Hygge, Contemporary Lynx, Interiors Design, Fuel Design, Trend Nomad, For Elements, ConchitaHome, DesignYourHome, MAGAZIF, Feel Design, I Like Design.