make me! 2023 – Innovation Lab

What will the nearest perspective in design look like and what trends should we be prepared for? The exhibition “make me! 2023 – Innovation Lab” illustrates the most important changes that have taken place in thinking about the future recently.


For the 16th time make me! contest has become a space where young designers can boldly experiment, look for new qualities and test innovations aimed at introducing real improvements to our everyday life. Out of 171 submissions from around the world, the jury composed of Maja Ganszyniec, Joanna Krokosz, Ingrid van der Wacht, Maurizio Burrato, Szymon Hanczar, Tomek Rygalik and Michał Piernikowski distinguished 25 final projects, including the winners of the make me! Design Awards from the pool of PLN 50,000. 


The following projects will be on display at the exhibition:

  1. Judyta AntoniukThe triumph of everyday life a series of illustrated ceramics (Poland)

  2. Sonia Bąk-Tokarska, Michał Tokarski (Tok Studio) – Shaping methods (Poland)

  3. Pola Demianiuk Soft Assembly: Being dressed by a soft robotized garment (Poland)

  4. Agata DrożdżInteractive wooden construction (Poland)

  5. Juhász Enikő – candlamp (Hungary)

  6. Sara Francuz Share. Tableware to share and bond. (Poland)

  7. Maciej Głowacki, Olga Kozłowska SYGNIS Tourniquet – 3D-printable, field-tested (Poland)

  8. Anna Eliza GwiazdaKinderbal double set of glasses in two color versions CMYK and RGB (Poland)

  9. Fania Kolaiti – Hose Pillar, a 3D printed ceramic brick. (Greece)

  10. Barbara Koniecka, Maximilian Stahl – Fragement.Vasen (Germany)

  11. Olga Kozłowska Oikos means home. Citizenship and coexistence between species in cities (Poland)

  12. Karolina Kruszewska – Pose – sex education set fot the blind people (Poland)

  13. Lea Mader Unwhite (Germany)

  14. Klara Malinowska, Oliwia Warchałowska Miniministry of Education (Poland)

  15. Marlena Norowska Zydelek, ryczka, stołek (Poland)

  16. Jakub Pastuszak (Jakub Pastuszak Studio) LAMP-002 (Poland)

  17. Aleksandra Satława Edki. Therapautic crayons (Poland)

  18. Tim Schütze, Max Hausmann Vespertine (Germany)

  19. Magdalena Szatyńska SWAYING LAMP (Poland)

  20. Zuzanna Telka Alone eating stand (Poland)

  21. Piotr Tłuszcz Life Chariot (Poland)

  22. Laura van de Wijdeven Philia, bio-plant (Netherland)

  23. Jan Wilczak Me, myself, AI (Poland)

  24. Paweł Włodarski Body Holes The Future Will Be Queer (Poland)

  25. Magdalena Znamienkiewicz Weighted Collar UTUL (Poland)