Using Lego Serious Play to Explore the Use of Design

Data: 20/05/2023 11:00 – 14:00


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Hall: Hall A120, Building A


Host: Terry McStea 


Duration: 3h


For whom the workshops are dedicated? For anyone who would like to explore and understand more about how they can use design in their work. 


Topic: We all need more creativity in our lives – to help us do our jobs better, find new approaches to problems, or to express our thoughts, feelings and opinions. A good way to tap into that inner creative person is through play. Working in a playful way helps free our minds from “what is the right way to do things”, and to find new solutions, ideas and ways of sharing them. “LEGO Serious Play” is used by organisations around the world to encourage creativity, collaboration, and develop solutions. This workshop will introduce you to the world of “LEGO Serious Play”. It will be fun, but „hard fun”. It might make think differently about things, and even to make some decisions about your life. We will be exploring what design means in your life, helping you think about and share the ways that you are already using design in whatever you do, and to explore how you can be more creative as you go forward. And hopefully giving you a tool that you can use whenever you need to think more playfully.  


*the workshop only in English 



The workshop was included in the Łódź Design Festival 2023 program as part of the open programme call.

Terry McStea

He was part of the team that created Design Network North in 2008 and has led the network since 2013. As well as heading up DNN, Terry is an Innovation Consultant with a background in corporate R&D. His specialisms include product design and development, innovation roadmapping, technology commercialisation and technical market research.

Terry’s work focuses on helping organisations design and develop new products with strong commercial potential and clear customer benefits. He has been an accredited Lego Serious Play facilitator since 2017.

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